How to create Nickelback - When We Stand Together type effect?


What Is It?

Everyone is asking the same question, 
how to make the 3D sort of effect as in this amazing music video?

How To Do?

Photoshop helps to create this effect, how?
It's nothing but  masking the layers, selecting the subject using tool,
resizing it alone out of the photo.

  1. Open a photo in Photoshop.
  2. Create a duplicate layer of the original one.
  3. Using Quick Selection Tool select the area or object you want to give a 3D effect/resize.
  4. After it has been selected, Use Transform feature(Ctrl+T) to easily increase or decrease the size of that selection.
  5. You're done with your need.

Finishing Move...

So now you are done with the technical thing,
you just bound out the object from image.


So now you'll say
''fine but this isn't like the video one!''
I know, you will then have to use feature of Adobe After Effects for that
Zooming and Panning, Up and Down, Hasty and Nasty effect
what we saw in the original version of the music video...

Thanks for reading...


  1. Thank you, I wanted to know that special effect. Its amazing.

  2. I will have to try it now.
    Its awesome.!

  3. Great......!!!!! tHanX.....!!!! I also wanted to know this effect...!


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