What is A Security Error in Dead Frontier?

What is A Security Error in Dead Frontier?
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Dead Frontier solved the problem of that error.

My Story...

I was playing the game, and suddenly the screen flashed....
I became afraid...
I thought I would loose all my Xp and Money I gained,
There is some sort of bug that entered, halting the security.
Felt like kicking the a** of my computer,
used a lot of taboo words towards it.
Became so much angry.
What Is It?

Sometimes it happens, a security error flash is due to some server connectivity issue,
and there isn't way to get afraid.
No Xp or cash is lost against this error.


  1. D: every time i got a SECURITY ERROR i lost all my Xp and Gold

  2. omg u just lost ur character!!!!! :D

  3. thank god the security error happened, I was in a small room with a horde of zombies and a tendril was there D:

  4. lies for me the security error happens when ever i find the flaming zombie and try to loot him i lose all exp and money i gained from looting in that area

  5. Thanks, informative for a noob to DF.

  6. i'm doing mission killing 350 longarms.killing about 280 longarms, security error occurs and number of killing reset to 0/350.what is happening..???


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