SOPA & PIPA won't do good...

What are SOPA and PIPA? (WTH?)

The United States Congress is proposing two laws that address the problem of wide-scale unlicensed distribution on the Internet of motion pictures, songs, trademarked goods, and patented pharmaceuticals.  

  1. One of the proposals is called SOPA i.e. Stop Online Piracy Act and would direct search engines in the United States to block Internet sites outside the United States that are primarily engaged in distributing unlicensed content.
  2. Another proposal called PIPA i.e Protect IP Act would block websites located in the United States as well.

The Barack Obama administration is putting a stop to these proposals.  It wants the Internet companies and the content companies to get together and come up with more functional and less destructive solutions.

What would happen then?

In both proposals, if they became law, 

the government of the United States would determine on application if a website was primarily engaged in unlicensed distribution.  A court might hold a hearing but only if the people who run the website showed up.  Otherwise, the site would be blocked.

Blocking addresses is hard to do without damaging every address on the Internet.  The blocking methods suggested in these two proposals would completely confuse existing Internet functions. They would encourage multiple hacks to get around the blocks.

Maybe a few copyrights get saved but the price is opening massive wormholes in the Internet permitting hackers to re-direct traffic all over the place -- to malware, spyware, and phishing operations.


If this happens then the freedom of all peoples to express themselves openly would be of no use...
The Internet that has connected the world would become disconnected under these dangerous proposals. 

Making laws against piracy is good, but playing with people, the internet and world isn't.

What should I do?

There is nothing else than going against these stupid laws that harms our freedom, liberty and a lot.
Go ahead start discussion, on facebook, twitter everywhere.
Give your views, because its you for whom internet is here.

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