Why Don't My Shots Hits Him?

BeGone      by

BeGone is a game anyone can get addicted to.
Its a multiplayer First Person Shooter game,
which resembles to Counter Strike.

 Many reason why one should play this because,

  1. Its absolutely free.
  2. The best FPS on the web,
  3. Its fully online, no download required.
  4. You don't have to move to a 'game parlor' for playing COD:MW, when you have another option fully free.

Sometimes Your Shots Don't Hit His body, Why?

Often found for new players that when they shoot at another player it don't hit them in once,
but when they do it, the player goes dead in one hit, a headshot.
Steps to solve this problem..
 1. First calmly aim at him.
 2. Now fire once at him, mostly aim his head.
 3. If your shot get him down, awesome.
 4. Don't fire randomly thinking one will surely get hit   
    It wont. 
 5. Hide behind something and then aim at him, fire, 
      he will be dead.

So whats now?

Go try this, 
and don't forget to tell me back 
in comments.

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  1. Oh Thanks a lot, I was wondering everywhere
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