Best Facebook Practices which you Avoided.

Head First!

Everyone loves facebook pages. A report says almost every facebook user administer a page. This isnt a new news.

So Whats Up?

The news is Are admins aware of  what user needs?

"It has been found that : 
1. A user takes a short glance at your page,  
2. Head to visiting your website."

The problem is if the website is present in the Home Page of Page itself, he directly clicks on it.

Since facebook has made its user super-fast, some people don't bother clicking about box, reading info, and searching your website link there.

So you need to have your website's link in-front.

Ok! Help Me Then...

The solution is providing your website's link in the main page itself.
1. Go to your main page.
2. Click Admin Panel located at top-right side.
3. In the Basic Information tab, move to About Box.
4. Fill a short info about your page along with your website link in it.
5. Save the changes, and Clicks View Page on top.
6. Now your facebook page is made amazing.

The Home Page of any facebook page with about box on left side.

When clicking about, the detailed info page opens.

This is the Edit Page area.

Wrap It Up!

So everythings done now.
Now your website will have more visitors than before.

Do share your feelings in comments.


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  1. Oh My God! I never knew this thing.
    Now my website will have more visitors, included a link in about box on home page of my facebook page.

    1. Good to hear from you.
      Happy reading...#AvoidedThoughts


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