WTH is Instantaneous Flag Captures in Tanki Online

Many times a sudden illegal activity occurs during play.

While 'Capture The Flag' Battle in Tanki Online, the flags goes on being captured so quickly.

Ever wondered why is this happening?

Other Players become confused and irritated plus angry too.
A lot of people have reported, directly, in forum, but no solution.

In Tanki Blog, Engg. Bruce said that they have now solved this damn problem, but hasn't yet!

So as a Player what should you do know?

You are advised to not to get engaged in such hacking things. 
Tanki Online people are aware of these cheats in bulk, and the system is fully working to BAN the Accounts.
Many accounts have been already banned. 

Proof Here.

The first official blog post here...

So play safe and legal way!

Update 18th April 2012

A Good News

As stated in their latest blog post, people at TankiOnline has resolved the problem of cheaters.
They managed to ban 20K Players from the game.


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