Dillema of mine was productive! [The AOEO Thingy]

The Pick Up Line! 
I once thought of writing a blog post for Avoided Thoughts.
It was a couple of months ago when the topic came into my mind, but somehow I ditched it.

The post was meant to be titled,

"Why the hell should I download AOEO?"

When I have LOU for Free!

Ok! Lets Begin.
Recently I downloaded Age Of Empires Online. It was a hard thing for me as it took 7 hours to complete download.

I have heard some people saying that patches are supposed to be 50-60MB updates, not hectic 4 GB thing.
"it would be better if they don't call it patch or my pals would riot!"

What will I say?

Both are strategic RPGs online. One from Microsoft Games for Windows while other from Electronic Arts. 
The thing is Age of Empires enables you to play in real role-play. Lord of Ultima is just planning and doing thing like the today's facebook games. 
AOEO is like playing The Sims 3/Social, really playing the characteristic role.

Sweetness of AOEO first...

1. Real Game Play.
2. Live chats - General, Party, Co-Op, Marketplace.
3. Quests and Co-Op playing.(2 players can together play a quest)
4. Better participation in forums and easy support.

Sweetness of LOU now...

1. Vast gameplay.
2. Lots of servers launched everyday.
3. Worlds to play like the real worlds.(India, Europe sort of countries.)
4. Strategic plannings gameplay.
5. No download required, play it in browser.

Handful of Bitterness.

1. Age of Empires Online is like 4-5 GB in size, and people have to actually download it down to play! This consumes a lot of time.
2. Lot of building time in Lord of Ultima is needed though no download.(:P)

Final Call!
So I would say AOEO is better than LOU. But Ultima has its own betterness in it {a bit of bitterness too.}.


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