5 Top Changes made to Facebook since your last login,

Facebook keeps changing for its users. The updates are so frequent that the workers have no time to individualize them. The Facebook Blog updates only for some major change. Like the Facebook Timeline that was rolled out in around January 2011.

The top 10 Changes/Updates made to Facebook in the last month were.

The New Hover Effect: Go hover over some person's name and you will see his cover photo too.

1. Facebook Camera: Facebook announced its release of its iOS app, The Facebook Camera. Avialable currently only for iOS, went popular in a few days.

2. New Photo Appear Style: Previously the photos at news feed had an hover effect, but not now. Now the photos with no border appears like a poster hanging on your house.

3. New Notifications layout: Now the notifications have different layout. You can even unsubscribe from some update. Like from an annoying photo-tag thing.


4. Search Bar Awesomeness: Now the search bar has place for 'People', 'Places' and 'Things'...

5. New Post Appearance: Now the posts on your news feed appears beautifully wrapped in a box.


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