5 Best Ways to capture awesome screenshots of anything.

Tanki Online Screen Shot
A screenshot from Tanki Online Game. Play it here.

Screen Capturing has always been a trend over the internet. Some captures shots of web-pages, some do it in game to show off their skills. While a large number of capturing depends upon video capture. Everyday unlimited amount of video tutorials are uploaded on YouTube.

Adobe Photoshop is the hot favourite in terms of video tutorials.


Image Capturing of Anything:
  • Old School Method:
  • 1. Pressing the Print Screen button on the keyboard,
  • 2. Opening ‘'Paint’' in windows,
  • 3. Pasting the image,
  • 4. Cropping it down and
  • 5. Finally saving it.
  • New Generation Way:
  • 1. Go to Picasa for Windows.
  • 2. Download and Install Picasa. (New Updated Picasa…)
  • 3. Open the app, and keep it open.
  • 4. Go to your desired place to capture screenshot, press Print Screen button.
  • 5. A small vanishing window will appear on your side screen,
  •     the confirmation that the capturing has been done successfully.
  • picasa-logo

Image Capturing of Full-Length Web-Pages:
          Screen Capture Options

Final Cut

So the next time you want to show off something really awesome, go for an awesome method.
Do let others know these tips. Share right away now…


  1. Thank you but why I get black image when I shot a Windows Media Player Video playing?


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