‘Polygon fever’ took control over tanki Online

The new update for Tanki Online has arrived under Tanki Online 1.90.0. With some few changes, this update is the best among all previous ones in couple of months.

Update 1.90.0
The Tanki Online Forum Report.

One of the featured update is…

POLYGON Map will now support CTF and TDM too…yipee!

facebook update
Facebook Post by the game's official page.


Polygon is regarded as the most favourite map in this 3D MMO. Previously players used to play here for DMs (Death Match). Maximum numbers of players allowed for the DM were 16. So it seemed like a party play for pals.

Have a look at some screenshots of Polygon Map.



It was reported that just after this update to the map, the players flooded the battles with it. Around 50 % of battles were at Polygon.
A lot of crystals drops at this map. This makes this map a small, handy and beneficial map of Tanki Online.

View this image showing the Polygon Battles at the date of release of Update 1.90.0 June 18.

Tanki Online's fav map Polygon  is full of battles...


Thanks for reading, keep enjoying Tanki Online. Play The number 1 Real Players 3D Online Massive Multiplayer Game.
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