Easiest Way to Read Lyrics on a Phone.

And sometimes I wonder,
why we care so much about the way we look,
And the way we talk and the way we act and the clothes we bought,
How much that cost?
Cause it even really matter?Cause the flight is a uphill battle
But y’all tryna climb with the same ol’ ladderIn
the same boat, with the same ol’ battle…
Excerpt from the Lyrics of the song'Both Of Us’ by B.o.B. featuring Taylor Swift.

Wondering about listening to a song along with reading its lyrics is amazing in itself. Sometimes we are unable to understand each and every word of the song. Along with languages differentiations, pronunciation differs too. Which in turn creates a hassle of un-understanding.
So the idea of reading the lyrics along side listening to a song comes to play. Its damn easy as cut, copy and paste. So below is the most simple description to How to Read Lyrics of a song on your Phone.

Step 1:
Open any lyrics website like MetroLyrics.com and search for your song lyrics. Copy that whole lyrics to the clipboard.

Step 2:
Open the Music File in iTunes Player.

Step 3:
Right Click the music file playing. And select Get Info option from the drop-down menu.

Step 4:
Select Lyrics tab and paste the Lyrics of the song copied from the website. And Click OK.

By following these four simple steps, we have implemented the lyrics in the music file itself. This lyrics will show up either in Windows Media Player or inside the Music Player of your Phone.

Now what to do in your Phone.

Step 1:
After copying that song to your Android phone or iOS Apple pone, select the song and play it.
If the lyrics are not displayed there on the main play screen, then go to Settings from the Menu.
In the Settings, Tick Lyrics Option. And go back to Play Screen.

Settings>Lyrics Option may differ accordingly in Apple and Android Devices.
This thing works easily with some players like JetAudio Plus and others players available across the world..

This media player has a dedicated Lyrics Show On/Off button in its home screen.

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  1. I wanted to know this, man. But lyrics can't be readed inside iTunes.

    1. Yeah, I tried this today, worked well. But iTunes itself isn't able to show lyrics. WTH?


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