Best Alternative Websites to Google Play.

Best Alternative Websites to Google Play.

Google Play, formerly known as Android Market.

Android users always search for apps everywhere. Some prefer the most recommended and easily accesible, Google Play. While most of the time people search for an external medium to download and install Apps.
In a research it has been found that Google Play for Android has the maximum download record than any other store.(1)

User Demands:

There's a thing thats often found in public forums posted by users of Android. Since most of us don't have an active 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity, users are unable to browse and download apps via Play App on thier phones.

What happens is, since they cant access internet, they are helpless. 

| ''Google Play doesn't allow people to download any app directly to PC.''

Only download through Android phone is allowed. This brings an alternative to user of downloading apps from other sources.

Sometimes the sources are not good enough to trust, and unknowingly unwanted potential threats and viruses infects Android Phones. A lot of websites stating to provide apps for free have been active, but which one to trust?(2)

Suggested Websites:

Some of the suggested website to easily download content and apps, are...

click to view.
1. 1Mobile Market: 
A great place to find every app you need for your android. 

The best place on the web to find every single app, 
which is not that much easy anywhere else.

The site allows users to download app directly to computer or via QR Code Scanning.

A special app named 1Mobile Market has been made by the devs too. Easy acessible and highly productive app. Find it here.

View the shot.
2. APKTOP: The most amazing place for Android Apps. Each and every app can be found here very easily using the search feature. Download to computer or phone easily without any hassle.

The interface isn't very attractive but the website in itself us.

The website has a lot of advertisements all over the website and senseless design. Your comments will never appear over the posts.

But at last this app-savvy site provides every app, may be its free or paid, at your fingertips, on your PC. :)

This is a companion website to APKTOP.

External Reports:

This survey shows that Play Store has broken a record in  itself.
Android Magazine recommends these alternatives to Play with. Source: Android Magazine.

So give these websites a try, and let me know if it helped you.
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