Green Day and me with 'ooh love' thingy.

"far away far away we can go too far

I'll carry my heart far away with you..."

The verse goes like this, though I couldn't spell them right but its understandable. Isn't it?

Your favourite Green Day, and mine too returns back with an awesome song. The video features sexy ladies hanging around while our guys plays for them. It feels like they are saying,"don't be shy".

As far as you can see my last post was like 20 days before. I am sad at the moment but happy too at the same time. Happy because I have my college life started. While living outta town makes me feel sad too. But since we have important tasks to do, it doesn't matters.

Also believing in everything is gonna be alright typo, let's hope for the best.

Swype is an amazing keyboard, easy to use and love. I an posting this post from my Ace Plus.

Good bye for now. I'll be back with some amazing posts related to tech and misc...

Thanks for reading.


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