How To Successfully Solve A Problem On Codecademy When Stuck!

Learning and coding on Codecademy is filled with fun. There's no place better then it to enjoy reading and then writing codes based on advises on left.

As they say,
Education is broken. Come help us build the education the world deserves.

Sometimes you are stuck with some code challenge in any track. The best way to solve this proble is by heading over to the forums and finding answer. but its not that easy. Following are to steps to search directly to the best solution with a click of a button. It will save your time and will cause no strain.

1. Click on Q&A Forums Button on the button.

Click on the Q&A Forum button.

2. First from the drop down of Pick Exercise (Green Arrow), select the exercise you are on.
Now head to the right side where a Sort Questions (Red Arrow) button is given.

See the Buttons shown?

3. Now select Most Views from the drop-down menu. Generally most viewed questions are starred or are the most discussed about questions. These are of real quick help in need.

Select Most Views option.
4. This is where you'll get your problem solved.

See the starred answer and most discussed ones.

PS: It is advised to not to copy and paste codes from forum to the text-editor/IDE at codecademy. But sometimes it is so tough for you to resist this feeling and you do it. It's your own choice what to do and what not to do.


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