Best Heart Break Song of 2016

I Hate You, I Love You

The best heartbreak song that soothes the pain in every person ever got hurt in love.

In this song Olivia starts to sings about how she was used by a guy who she was in love with. She is still missing him as she couldn't sleep alone at night. She needs him. But she is confused if she love him or she hate him. But at the end she cannot love anybody else now cause her heart is broken completely.

Gnash in his verses tries to emphasize on how he cannot sleep without her presence on his bed. He regrets why has he loved this girl who went away leaving him. Attachment always hurts and same his happening with him. He is angry as well as sad. He is confused too if he should let her go or keep her close.

Heartbroken, they stand thinking about each other.


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