What is the Best Way to Loot?

Where The Hell?

Its none other than your favorite game, the Dead Frontier. (was giving link necessary? lol)

What Is It?

When you are near a corpse or a van or a car, 
  1. Try making your energy full to 100 first.
  2. Then when done, try not to hit any zombie for atleast 10 seconds,           before searching it.
  3. When the steps are fulfilled, go ahead and press 'F'

So What Now?

Its holiday season pals, 
new year's gonna come soon,
I gave you this, its master crafted (ROFL) and TGIF today too.


Thank you for reading my GATs Blog,
its simple, ordinary but its worth a lot.
Please keep supporting by reading always.

New Year Wishes from
The GATs Blogger.


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