Take an Amazing Screen Shot in Android.


So how really one can take an awesome and amazing screenshot inside a phone itself. Some says, ‘You will need Screen Shot ER Pro for that, bro’!.

While others will force you to ROOT down your Android Phone. Rooting voids your phone's warranty long before 1 year as given by company.

Some people are techie enough to Root and exploit everything. But not everyone is like this, are we? So now the questions comes again, How Do I Really Do It?

So here is a inbuilt Screen Capturing Technique. This thing is present in most of the phones. In atleast Samsung phones, I can guarantee this. Nowadays The Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 and Jelly Bean 4.1 have a great giveaway on How to Capture Screen.

Lets do it.

Smartphones have a Home Button, physical or imaginary (Touché thingy, pronounced as too-uch-eh). And so we have a dedicated Power Button too at the side (to let Android boy know when to remain awake and when to sleep).

Press HOME Button and POWER Button together. There you go. You just captured a Screen Shot. That image will; be saved on your phone's SD Card under the folder ScreenCapture(s).


Sometimes this works with pressing DOWN VOLUME Button and POWER Button.
FYI: The new Jelly Bean has implemented a new feature related to ScreenShots thing. This is what stated on their website.
You now get an image preview in notifications after taking a screenshot. You can quickly share the screenshot directly from the notification.

Got any questions? Ask me in Comments.


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